The way nature planned – A post from Tik Ochel.

Both of us are in the car, outside a very wintry day and we are on the road to Zefat  ,Afik say that it  “feels like Tuscany”, and it did : curves of the road are drowning in green on both sides of trees, flowers and many, many vineyards of the wine.

Countless directions led us to the old streets of Zefat And it felt like we were on a comedy movie when we found ourselves a few times arriving after many rounds to the same point..

We probably should have started the story like this:

On Karmiel- Zfat road you take the left turn to Zefat and than continue straight on the road (do not take the right turn to Zefat).
After a few minutes you will find yourself in “Dalton Industrial Park “There you’ll find a charming place called: “Adir  Winery Visitor Center  “.
When we got there we met Yossi Rosenberg one of the owners of Adir winery.

Adir winery is a family winery that existed since in 2003
Their wines are produced from grapes grown in “Ben zimra vineyard”.

These vineyards were planted during the ’80s and ’90s in an elite part of the Upper Galilee and enjoy the best combination of quality land and weather conditions that make vintage wines: Cabernet, Shiraz, Mount Edmond, Port and “a” that will be launched soon – it is a bland ” of Cabernet Shiraz and Sauvignon (we recommend it), now combine it with milk, amazing goat cheese ( feta, Zefat cheese, sour cream, Tom, etc. ..) And ice cream that is so delicious also produced on Adir winery and you get a total experience: wine tasting combined plates of cheeses, meals and desserts all of them made by “Adir winery& milk”

“Wine is an experience and we believe that everyone should experience the taste” Yossi tells us  and all we have left  is to thank Mother Earth for all the good that she sends us and regret all the way down from Zefat  to Karmiel that we have to leave “Tuscany”.

Adir Winery – Visitors Center: 046 991 039

Our recommendation to close a perfect  wintry day: two candles, a bottle of good wine and cheese fondue: 250g cheddar cheese, 250g  Tom cheese,  garlic clove, ½ cup of dry white wine, 4 tablespoons of crushed almonds, 1 teaspoon of cornflower  dissolved in one  spoon of water.

How to make the fondue?
Heat the wine and garlic and add the cornflower with the water, scrape all the cheese and add them.

Make sure that you stirring constantly until everything is melted, Put it in a special fondue tool with a burner, sprinkle with crushed almonds and serve with cut vegetables or crackers.

Great post from the guys at Tik Ochel.

Another reason people from Tel-Aviv drive out of the city…

It was another great summer weekend and tons of people got into their cars and went traveling. The spoiled ones went to a rented villa in the north, and the others went with a tent.
But for about 5,000 people, that weekend was totally different. They also got in the car and as well drove three hours to the Kineret, but when they got there, they spent their time dancing to psychedelic trance music completely wasted..

Getting out of Tel-Aviv…

Getting out of the city is always the hardest part, we set out to meet around 1 am and started driving only around 2:30am after waiting and waiting for people to get ready bring drink’s drugs or whatever they “travel” with.

When we were around the area of Zichron-Yaakov we stopped the cars and did a drink while our driver took a piss, we were already a bit drunk, after trading some music, we got in the car and started driving again.
After stopping 3-4 more times and losing the place, we finally got to the party, and the hardest part was finding a spot to park the car, after that was done we took the gear and met up with some friends that got us our tickets and we all set at the camp for a while like a happy big family.


Not much to say, we are all in that special party mood (all of us and about 5,000 other people) the music was great, the people were 70% OK (and that’s a great percentage for a trance festival) Sometime around noon we took a sip from “some guy’s water bottle” and since we already after a crazy night the party was now too much, and the Kineret looked better than ever.
We went in for a swim. The Kineret looked like mushroom tea and chilling on the mattress, swimming in the Kineret and overlooking the party from the water felt like freedom! (dazed freedom..)

The drive home was off course a lot harder, but we had a great driver, and since there was no way to sleep, we all just shut up, looked out the window and enjoyed the view of Israel’s North, what a trip.


Multi millionaires, nudists and a great sunset, Arsuf Beach, Shefayim

When Tel-Aviv people talk about Arsuf Beach in Shefayim, they talk about two things, The unbelievable villas that are just meters from the beach and the fact when going to the northern part of the beach you’ll walk into nude people, but the beach is more than that.

Arsuf Beach, Shefaim

Usuriously, I didn’t even hear about Arsuf before the beach was turning into a real-estate venture for multi-milioners, still, they didn’t destroy it totally and the place has a great vibe and worth checking out.

Most people of the city usually hit this beach during Fridays and Saturdays so you won’t be alone on the beach, but it will be less crowded than city.
During the weekdays, the beach is so empty you’ll feel as if you can walk around naked, and some people actually do that right on that beach 🙂

Arsuf is a bit of a struggle to get to, especially if you are bringing lots of gear with you, the beach has a steep hill to go walk down and the parking is not exactly Malibo, still, this is what makes it fun as well.

How to get to Arsuf and Shefayim?

Drive north, 5 minutes after you pass Herzelia,stick to the right until you see the exit for Shefayim, Take a left at the Square and after the tunnel another left at the Square, drive until you see the turn to Arsuf, and from there Its best to ask – that’s how we Israelis do it 🙂

Zichron Ya’akov, What a great Israeli Neighborhood!

People love visiting Zichron not because that theres sooo much to do there, but more because of looking around for houses for sale and dreaming that one of them would be there own one day. Zichron is known for its Pedestrian only street that has a lot of shops and restaurants and almost on every turn you take Theres another beautiful street just full of Israeli History.

Make sure you get into one of the small wine cellars and taste some great Israeli boutique wines and after that finish the day by finding an ocean view, the view from Zicron toward the ocean is breathtaking.