Burekas Galore

Got the munchies at a funny hour? No problem. Tel Aviv is a champion of 24/7 eateries.

Take Mama’s Burekas. It’s a warm joint down on King George, not far from the Allenby intersection, where you can stop by any time, any day, and satisfy your cravings with a Mediterranean specialty – hot scrumptious burekas (börek).

Forget about your generic supermarket burekas. Mama’s serves huge freshly baked burekas served with tahini, crushed tomatoes, pickles, skhug, and the optional boiled egg on the side.

Choose your favorite filling from cheese, pizza, potatoes & mushrooms, or grab one that just came out of the oven. You can also try yemenite pastries such as malawach, jachnun, and ziva. Vegan options available.

Mama’s Burekas has a laid back diner kind of atmosphere. People from all walks of life sit at the bar and munch away at their luscious delights. The staff is chatty and the TV’s always on. It’s the perfect place to wind down after a crazy night. You can even have a nightcap.