Balkan Beat Box, Live Show @ the Barbie, Tel-Aviv

A few weeks back, I got a call from a good friend telling me that he got us tickets to go and see Balkan Beat Box at the Barbie. The first thing I told him is that I don’t like the idea – BIG MISTAKE.

The show was postponed because the lead vocalist Tomer Yosef was injured, and we still had our tickets when the show went on, yesterday, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in long time!

First of all, the Barbie, on kibutz Galoyot Street, is now Bigger and better and can hold big shows, we had a bit of a line to take the tickets, but all in all, it was OK.
We waited for the show to start for about 45 min and you could feel that the crowd couldn’t wait for Balkan to go on, clapping hands and acting like crazy 🙂

The Balkan Beat Box Live Show Experience!

The minute the band went on, it was an explosion of almost 2 hours full of great songs from their new and old albums, Tomer Yosef got the crowd really happy and dancing, and the music and sound were close to perfect!

After drinking endless amounts of Arak mixed with Grapefruit, I was dancing to Balkan’s music like crazy Jumping around with people of all kinds that all love the Possitive vibe this band has..

Because Balkan Beat Box are now preforming all over the globe, I really recommend checking them out when they come to your town, However, if you really want to feel the Balkan Live show, come see them next time your in Tel-Aviv.

Don’t Miss out like I almost did…:-)