Effi Sabich – Tel Aviv’s finest Sabich

“Effi Sabich” – Tel Aviv’s finest “Sabich”- is located at 2 Tshernichovsky st. (on the intersection of Tshernichovsky and Alenbi, opposite “The Carmel Market”).

Effi doesn’t simply make his famous “Sabich”. His work involves engineering and constructing the dish while using the “Tehina” in the same way a painter uses his palette. Standing bent, quiet and focused, Effi handles every order as if it was his first, planning how to reach the perfect balance between its ingredients.

After admiring Effi’s never-ending devotion, comes the tasting and the inevitable addiction.

“Effi’s Sabich” – start memorising.

Ingredients: Pita, fried eggplants, an egg (usually a brown one), Humus, Tehina, vegetables, purple cabbage, “Amba” (mango sauce), “Schuge” (hot sauce), pickles, cooked potato, fresh chopped parsley, fresh chopped onion, “Sumak” (Rhus coriaria sauce) and lemon sauce.


Tips to the newcomer’s:

A. If you are into spicy foods then treat yourself to extra “Schuge” (no extra charge).
B. The Humus and Tehina can be replaced with cheese.
C. Whole-Wheat Pita is also available.
D. Good old times’ “Gazoz” is highly recommended.



The best Humos in Tel Aviv is in Jaffa – Abu-Hassan

Every country or city take’s pride in its unique cullinaric attractions. They can appear in the form of a fancy restaurant, a folksy eatery or even a small stand on the street.

Today I would like to introduce to you Tel-Aviv’s most mouthwatering shrine (which is located in Jaffa, funnily enough)  – “Abu-Hassan”. Founded in 1959, “Abu-Hassan” (also known as “Ali-Caravan”) is the place which savvy Tel Avivians consider to be the pinnacle of their Humus experience.


Despite the relatively small room, constant crowdedness and shabby interior – this one should not be missed!
The oral menu is fairly concise – 4 basic dishes (Humus, Masabacha, Beans and Labane) and combinations comprised from them. “Abu-Hassan’s” signature dish is “Hameshulash” (the triangle, “Mathalath” in Arabic) which is made from Humus, Beans and Masabacha. The integral side items are Pita and fresh Onions alongside spicy sauce and citric salt.

Like the majority of Blue-collar restaurants, it is customary for the visitors to share tables with their unknown fellow eaters and hence shorten the queues. The service is speedy and the waiters often impel the visitors to finish their meals quickly for the sake of the next ones in line.

The place opens Sun-Fri from 08:00am until the pots are empty and that always happens too soon.
One last tip: sit outside and you will be able to enjoy the striking scenery of Jaffa and the Mediterranean Sea