Have you been to the Bootleg?

Along with the Block, Bootleg has the best sound experience in town… That’s one thing! You’re in electro, minimal, late parties…? you’re good to go… It’s dark, electric lights run on the low ceiling beating to the music. You’ll have trouble finding your friends but who cares, you’re here for the music ( It’s definitely not a pick up place… it’s way too dark)…

Many djs’ pass by: John Tejada, Tom Clarke, also great locals… Feel free, the music will take you High, maybe other stuff too… no one cares about you, you can just let it go…


Video features: Bootleg+ a word with Ilya Margulis (owner) (2min)


It’s also one of the rare club in town where you got to pay your entrance… To get discounts like their page on facebook & check out the program. It’s really worth it. You’re looking for quality, you got served

Address: 48 king george St. / Opposite the Dizengoff center.


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Delicatessen – The Video Preview

The good combination between european standards and Ashkenazi flavors… You didn’t hear about ‘Delicatessen’? Of course you did, it belongs to the owners of “Brasserie” on kikar Rabin, Hotel Montefiore or Rothschild 12… You can take a chair and eat on the lovely terrasse on Yehuda Halevy or on the first floor. You can as well take away what you bought at the counter and eat it home… You’ll find plates of cheeses, meats, herring, salmon, bread, wines, tableware and all sorts of classic bakery goods, freshly cooked pies, vegetables and more… Every day they change the buffet… Go with all sorts of vegies if you’re a vegan, you’ll find your way…. Prices are more than fare. Between 40-70 /dish for this high class “establishment”. It’s open every day… My only weak point goes to the waiters… they work fast but they could smile a little more. It kind of reminds me of Paris, stupid waiters… Unless it’s what the owners were really looking for ;-)…. You should definitely experience it once anyway…

Press Play, you’ll get it in a second!

Delicatessen          DelicatessenDelicatessen           Delicatessen

Delicatessen           Delicatessen


A bistro based on the shouk hacarmel’s finest goods: “Ha-Kovshim”



Remember this address: 48 hakovshim, open 7days a week, it’s down the shouk opposite the parking lot… sitting at the corner of Nehemia St.

Talking about food is not really my thing to be honest. I love to eat,definitely… But I prefer to speak with photography. It comes out more naturally… I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did photographing this bistro… If you walk by, don’t think twice…


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Tailor Made – Nightlife & Video – by HiGH Magazine –

Tailor made is not just saying… Opened earlier this year across the big synagog on Allenby street, for an instant you have the feeling you’re no longer in town.

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2 bars – 1 for smokers – garden – Food for every apetites – vegans – Nice wine list – Excellent Cocktails –

A little bit of history: If you’re asking yourself why Tailor made is called so, it’s in honor of Stefan Brown. For many years (back in the 60’s-70’s), this man was a tailor making furs for politicians and the high society in Tel Aviv. When he came out of the closet, announcing he was gay, politicians turned their back on him, well not exactly… but  stopped ordering from him and he later opened a restaurant, famous for its meat. Everybody knew about it. The restaurant is now sitting on the other side of the window visible from the garden of the Tailor Made… “Tailor Made” is kind of a wink to the man aswel as the level of expectation the owners look for… Enjoy!