American Colony in Yaffo

The American colony in Jaffa is a place few tourists know about, I can even say, that few people that leave in Tel Aviv know about 🙂
Its located near Eilat Street (very central street) on a small street called the Auerbach street.

What’s amazing about taking the turn into the Auerbach street is that it’s so different from anything in that are, while most of that area is full of old broken houses and garages, the American Colony is just a magical place.

Its a mixture of old and new, and also a mix of antique buildings and architecture with super designed and wealthy architecture, the colony is very small and has a great feel about it.

Getting to the American Colony:

I suggest parking your car in one of the parking places around Eilat street, there is a really big parking spot when taking a turn from Eilat Street to Eliphlet Street. Then, make your way back to Eilat and Auerbach and check it out..