A drive through Yefet Street in Jaffa – Tel-Aviv

Yefet Street is a connection between the Jaffa beach, flea market and old city, but is also a place the connects Jews and Arabs tourists and locals.

The street has tons of places to eat great food starting from the famous Abolafia Bakery in the beginning of Yefet to Asli Humos that is 6-7 minutes drive from there.

Where Yefet street starts - The big clock!

These days, all the area’s that are around Yefet are being developed into another Real-Estate heaven! Places like the Flea Market are getting more than 5 real-estate projects built at the same time! And the beach front is just changing every time I check it out.

Yefet itself has a few amazing housing projects right on it, and things like an old British hospital turning into a boutique hotel is getting to be a very common sight.

What would be a perfect day at the Yefet Street area?

If I had to recommend the perfect day in the area, I would spend the day at the Maaravi Beach or Alma beach, after that go eat something at the Flea Market, (mix it with a bit of alcohol and vintage shopping :-)) and finish the day with a great sunset at the Andromeda Hill.

Have Fun!

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