3 Minute Bike Ride on Tel-Aviv’s Boardwalk

The Boardwalk in Tel-Aviv, I must say, is a bit out of style, old lamps strange vintage stone and weird out of fashioned benches. At night, the area in front of Allenby Street and the Opera Tower smells “Strange” and has Homeless people sitting on the benches.

Now that we got all of that all the way, the place, during the day, has a Miami beach vibe! I just love it! So what if it needs to be renovated, if the tourists keep on coming, we will have a new Boardwalk in no time, and we are going to miss this one, that’s how we Israeli’s are 🙂

The Boardwalk Starts In Gordon beach, Passes through Frishman, Trumpeldor, Banana and Geola Beaches and End’s neer yaffo at Alma beach, this Summer I will give you the “complete guide for Tel-Aviv City beaches”, but until then, Here’s my bikeride from last Friday!

Sorry the video jump’s, told you the boardwalk is Wierd 🙂

Have a great Tel-Aviv Summer!