Effi Sabich – Tel Aviv’s finest Sabich

“Effi Sabich” – Tel Aviv’s finest “Sabich”- is located at 2 Tshernichovsky st. (on the intersection of Tshernichovsky and Alenbi, opposite “The Carmel Market”).

Effi doesn’t simply make his famous “Sabich”. His work involves engineering and constructing the dish while using the “Tehina” in the same way a painter uses his palette. Standing bent, quiet and focused, Effi handles every order as if it was his first, planning how to reach the perfect balance between its ingredients.

After admiring Effi’s never-ending devotion, comes the tasting and the inevitable addiction.

“Effi’s Sabich” – start memorising.

Ingredients: Pita, fried eggplants, an egg (usually a brown one), Humus, Tehina, vegetables, purple cabbage, “Amba” (mango sauce), “Schuge” (hot sauce), pickles, cooked potato, fresh chopped parsley, fresh chopped onion, “Sumak” (Rhus coriaria sauce) and lemon sauce.


Tips to the newcomer’s:

A. If you are into spicy foods then treat yourself to extra “Schuge” (no extra charge).
B. The Humus and Tehina can be replaced with cheese.
C. Whole-Wheat Pita is also available.
D. Good old times’ “Gazoz” is highly recommended.



Tanti Becky shop Tel-Aviv

A small and intimate Boutique, that’s been open since 2007 and is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Between Dizingoff Square and Dizingoff Center on Bar Kochkva Street.

The Boutique is designed in a romantic Atmosphere, like a small 1950’s living room and here you can find all the wide selection of clothing imported mainly from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. In her Travels, the owner chooses the items carefully, with an emphasis on the quality of the fabric, sewing and pattern.

The collection is characterized by romantic and feminine lines and offers its customers a combination of comfortable casual wear made of cotton and tricot fabrics with an up to date twist, to evening dresses with a unique and up to date saying.In the boutique we also have a small department of high Standard Wedding dresses, some imported and some are designed by local designers.











HaKosem: Magical Falafel

When I moved to Tel Aviv 5 years ago, I had no idea that I was going to live a minute away from HaKosem (The Magician) Falafel, the best falafel in town. I’m not the only one who thinks so—the long lunch queues and countless newspaper articles agree. Sometimes I even crave it while I’m abroad.

HaKosem is not your average Joe-Shlomo falafel stand. It’s super clean, colorful, and fun while still being authentic, Tel Aviv style. There’s always bright music on and an energetic flow of people coming in for tasty treats.

The staff here—consisting mostly of Arab Israelis—is fantastic. Everyone who walks in is greeted with a complimentary falafel “chill pill” that often comes with a “be careful, it’s tasty!” warning. The magician himself—Arik Rosenthal—is usually around helping in the kitchen or talking to customers. If you’ll get to meet him you’ll understand why his business is doing so well.

As for the falafel itself: the pitas are soft thanks to a specially developed oven and the salads are fresh. The handmade falafel balls are perfect: crunchy on the outside and tasteful on the inside with a good balance of flavors. Surprisingly, they don’t serve French fries, but they do fry delicious and soft eggplants—let the other falafel stands keep their soggy fries.

Other staple Israeli dishes are also available: shawarma, hummus, shakshuka, sabich, salad, schnitzel, and veggie omelette. To quench your thirst, try the pomegranate-lemonade, the tamarhindi juice, or go for the alcoholic Arakomplet (Arak + cold juice).

HaKosem lies at the corner of King George and Shlomo Hamelech—just look for the long queue during lunch time. It’s also a nice place for dinner when the temperature goes down and the colorful light bulbs spark up. Go for a coffee or buy some records right around the corner.


How to keep it cool in the summer heat – Best frozen yogurt places in Tel Aviv

I know what are you craving for these summer days, and you are right – there’s nothing like white and cold guilty pleasure called frozen yogurt! And there are few places in Tel Aviv that know how to serve it the right way. Just save these spots into your foursquare “to visit” list and be sure you’re safe from a sunstroke this summer.

YOGO on Rostchild 19. What to do : order large portion of white frozen yogurt, choose toppings from a huge variety by your choice ( strawberry, white chocolates, watermelon and honey on the top, that’s just my advice) and sit outside watching relaxed people with kids and dogs walking down the Rotschild boulevard. Open till late night, but causes an addiction.



  TAMARA Yogurt on Ben Yehuda 96 (on the corner with Gordon street). What to do: choose your flavor of yogurt – natural white or strawberry or apple or whatever is on the menu today, get fruits and sweet toppings sky high (take “pasiflora” – be telavivien!) and get comfortable in a cute swing to enjoy your yogurt. Really cute place with the best yogurt in the city and nice light blue decoration, providing the hugest variety of toppings so far. Ask for their card – by purchasing 9 yogurts you’ll get your lucky 10th for free;).