Tel Aviv – The Top Electronic Underground Clubs

As the second largest city in the Holy Land, and an hour away from the historical city of Jerusalem, an outsider would think that Tel Aviv is a spiritual haven of Rabbis, tradition and early nights. This presumption could not in fact be more wrong. The city boasts ongoing parties, where nightclubs are the peoples’ temples and in the sweltering, steamy summers, clothes become minimum priority. Boundaries have slipped to the point of no return – and no one is complaining. 7-foot tall transsexuals, overtly affectionate couples adorn the streets in constant displays of exhibitionism and expression. Tel Aviv goes about its business inside a bubble that seems invincible to the bullets and bombs surrounding it. It is the place where people go to escape from reality.

Whatever wets your social appetite, Tel Aviv will serve it straight up for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As the morning birds start to sing, the Tel Avivians are just getting into the swing of their night out. The underground electronic music scene in Tel Aviv has been long known as one of the best in the world. Here is our pick of the best Tel Aviv has to offer when the lights go out and the city really wakes up:

The Breakfast Club and Milk Bar

Address: 6 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

When the Israeli music mogul, Gal Ofer opened his first club, The Breakfast, he never could have imagined the passion Israelis would have for House and Techno music. Being the residence of some of Israel’s best DJ’s including Shlomi Aber and Guy Gerber, the notorious club is the original late night hot spot. Pumping intense techno beats and deep house grooves that can keep you up until the early hours of the morning, The Breakfast club is an electronic music lovers dream.

The Breakfast Club’s new baby, which is accessed from inside the club itself, is the Milk Bar. The contrast is extreme, making for an out of this world, surreal experience. Within one footstep you are transported into the best of Israeli and international funk, rock, hip-hop, new rave and electronic music. The vibrations can be heard bursting out of the walls and onto the streets, where people are desperately trying to blag their way in. The crowd is trendy and hip so make sure that you are looking your best.

The Penguin

Address: Yehuda Halevi 43, Tel Aviv

Enter through the courtyard of an old building on Yehuda Halevi street and you will be met downstairs with the words ‘if you like it late night and sleazy come to the Penguin’. This is exactly what the sexiest and most adventurous of Tel Avivians are doing, and there is no room for inhibitions. Also part of DJ Gal Ofer’s underground empire, the music is less varied than The Breakfast Club with mainly Deep House, however it has a somewhat intriguing and addictive vibe. The Penguin is the perfect spot for anyone looking to give in to their insomnia. With a recent revamp, a huge DJ stage and secret rooms that you will be sure to discover as the night unfolds, the Penguin is the perfect place to let your fantasies run wild.

The Cat And The Dog

Address:  23 Carlebach Street, Tel Aviv

The Cat And The Dog is the place where you can go even when the other underground late nightspots are closing. It has been keeping Tel Aviv’s inhabitants up until daylight for a number of years and doesn’t even get busy until at least 2am. The incredible sound system shakes with a variety of bass dropping electronic delights, which sends the crowd wild. With the enticing array of bar tenders who appear to have stepped out of a Ralph Lauren photo-shoot, and the new, huge dance-floor, it is no wonder that the Cat And The Dog is more popular than ever.

Tel Aviv truly is the ‘city that never sleeps’ and it is only until the lights go out that you can experience its true secrets and surprises.


I Heart TLV Fashion

Tel Aviv, a bustling, beachside city known for its cafes, nightlife, museums, and beautiful dwellers has also quickly become a force to be reckoned in the fashion world. The sunny metropolis is flooded with trendy boutiques and unique designer stores. Anywhere from Kikar HaMedia, where any designer junkie can find an array of top brands, to Shenkin Street, a hipsters delight with a tempting buffet of clothes, Tel Aviv is thick with chic.

We’ll begin our shopping in the aforementioned and ever stylish Kikar ha Medina. In this picturesque and slightly uppity square fashionistas can find stores like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Gucci alongside boutiques, like Amor, which pride themselves for dropping names like Balenciaga, Louboutin, and Dior. If your geared up for some serious spending, or you just want to enjoy a day of wishful thinking and window shopping Kikar Ha Medina is the place for you.

Moving on to a more budget friendly area we find ourselves in the adorably quaint Bazel neighborhood. Bazel’s narrow streets are filled with voguish newlyweds, their stylishly clad tots and shops filled with eye catching accessories. So after having a quick bite to eat at one of the many European style coffee shops go pick yourself up a funky leather bag at Daniella Lahavi or a one of a kind jewelry piece at Hagar Stat.

From Bazel stroll your way up to Dizengoff, a staple in the Tel Aviv fashion bubble. While walking along the busy street, that stretches from the northern seaport all the way to Rothchild Boulevard, you can’t help but stop in every shop! Dizengoff boasts a mixture of Israeli designer shops, like Yosef, whose collection has everything from wedding dresses to ready-to-wear pieces, and stores like Retro, which finds the perfects balance of up and coming designers, one of a kind pieces and European brand names like Nudie Jeans. If you’re a hardcore shopper this is the place to be!

After making your way through Dizengoff the next stop has be Shenkin. Once the “it” spot for artists, actors and writers, this small but glorious street has made a name for itself in the fashion world for the hipster crowd. With edgy Israeli designer shops like Banot and brand name boutiques, ChuCha, propped up along the path, anyone who wants to stand out everywhere else can come here to fit in. Shenkins unique vibe and trendy bunch makes it a veritable Greenwich Village in Tel Aviv.

Last stop (for now) is the oh so chic Neve Tzedek and the Tachana shopping areas. Packed with minimalistic boutiques that are treat not only for clothing lovers but also anyone who appreciates interior design. All the shops are tastefully put together with the upmost care and simple touches that’s it would be a shame to not go in and have a look but more importantly the casual elegance of the clothing and accessories that you’re bound to find here in stores like Charlie Paloma, make these shopping districts a must.

Style is the pulse of this city, always be prepared to be stopped on the street and have your picture taken by street wear photographer, lose yourself in one of the massive designer markets or a on a visit to the shuk in Yaffo leave with an amazing vintage jacket, fashion is everywhere and for the local Tel Avivian fashion is not just a trend in, it’s a way of life.