Another reason people from Tel-Aviv drive out of the city…

It was another great summer weekend and tons of people got into their cars and went traveling. The spoiled ones went to a rented villa in the north, and the others went with a tent.
But for about 5,000 people, that weekend was totally different. They also got in the car and as well drove three hours to the Kineret, but when they got there, they spent their time dancing to psychedelic trance music completely wasted..

Getting out of Tel-Aviv…

Getting out of the city is always the hardest part, we set out to meet around 1 am and started driving only around 2:30am after waiting and waiting for people to get ready bring drink’s drugs or whatever they “travel” with.

When we were around the area of Zichron-Yaakov we stopped the cars and did a drink while our driver took a piss, we were already a bit drunk, after trading some music, we got in the car and started driving again.
After stopping 3-4 more times and losing the place, we finally got to the party, and the hardest part was finding a spot to park the car, after that was done we took the gear and met up with some friends that got us our tickets and we all set at the camp for a while like a happy big family.


Not much to say, we are all in that special party mood (all of us and about 5,000 other people) the music was great, the people were 70% OK (and that’s a great percentage for a trance festival) Sometime around noon we took a sip from “some guy’s water bottle” and since we already after a crazy night the party was now too much, and the Kineret looked better than ever.
We went in for a swim. The Kineret looked like mushroom tea and chilling on the mattress, swimming in the Kineret and overlooking the party from the water felt like freedom! (dazed freedom..)

The drive home was off course a lot harder, but we had a great driver, and since there was no way to sleep, we all just shut up, looked out the window and enjoyed the view of Israel’s North, what a trip.


Summer in the middle of October – Tel-Aviv

I don’t know where are you located in the world, but its the 20th of October and most likely its cold as hell and your stuck at home or the office, but here the city is melting and its impossible to work so I’ll write this instead…

F$%ck work, let’s go to the beach…

When I woke up this morning you could fill the heat coming in through the windows and my wife told me it going to be crazy hot, I told her “It’s October” and it just can’t be that warm and put on flip flops just in case she’s right.
Went to start the day at a meeting in a coffee shop near my house then noticed she was right IT WAS DAM HOT IN TEL-AVIV TODAY, so I ordered ice coffee instead of the regular and went on as usually ..

Got to the office building for a workday and noticed how beautiful the women are on the street and inside all wearing close to nothing smelling like perfume, I swear it felt like the beginning of Summer.

After going to lunch and enjoying the sun I sat back in the office and sat in the Air conditioner for two hours, and then I really made the mistake of the day by opening the Tel-Aviv Beach webcam and checking out the beach…

Wow it looks amazing., and its sopoused to be winetr now! Who can work like this? who? By the time I’ll leave this place the sun will set and this day will be behind me forever! It could start raining tomorrow, and today I can go swimming in the ocean.


It’s almost 4, and If I leave the office now I can get to the beach just for sunset time, maybe I’ll do this for myself…I can always finish work later instead of watching TV… YEP, sounds good! (see you later)