The Container – Great Tel-Aviv Jaffa spot!

The new conspiracy of chef Vince Muster, designer Assaf Tavor, and writer Tsur Shezaf.

The Location…

Jaffa port is picturesque, romantic and full of antique atmosphere of past days and smell of the beautiful mediterranean sea. The Jaffa port is a without a doubt, a place that has been needing a place with the look and feel such as the container.
Cheff Vince Mostar and his two associates at the container, Designer Assaf Tavor and Journalist Zur Sheizaf, took one of the industrial warehouses at the Jaffa port and turned it into a place full of  Style, art, music and great seafood by the ocean and fishing boats.

Outside, next to fish on boats and yachts of  the Marina Are scattered tables, some of them built of wood surfaces piled one upon the other, and inside, at the hangar space, a giant circular bar is made of a real container.

Behind the bar an “open air” style kitchen that fills the container with clouds of smoke rising from the iron stove that gives the whole space a wonderful aroma..Mmmmm

Another great designed space in the container is the toilet, (yes yes the toilet!)  that is filled with great graffiti style art. The container is definitely a great Tel-Aviv Jaffa restaurant but the special thing about it, is the ever changing DJs and live shows, mixed with great graphic art, the container is definitely the “it” place to be in…

Make sure you check it out…Open daily from 12:00 into the night

Jaffa port – Next to the boats
Tel. 03.6836321