Hot night’s at the Sublet, Tel Aviv Bars

Wow, it’s HUGE up here…

Iv’e noticed that in August people divide into 3 when in the Sublet, one third is complaining about how hot it is and every 2-3 minutes are amazed by the amount of sexy ladies all over the place,  the other third is complaining about the heat and every 2-3 minutes noticing the amount of good looking guys…

And the last third, sitting around tables and just chilling, (those were us last night)
We started the night at the sublet with a cold bottle of Vodka and after we finished it, we moved on to the second one, making the move to the next club very easy….


in conclusion:

While the Sublet is very big very mainstream and sometimes very hot, it is full of beautiful people and tourists who really.. REALLY want to meet someone….Also keep in mind that it’s in front of the ocean, take advantage of the place at sunset hours, order your table then….go have fun….:-)


ShuShu Underground Bar (Under Yogurt..)

Just recently, I went to Paris Mmmmm…Sorry no I mean Ben-Yehuda street to visit a friend, After Casually sipping down 2-3 drinks I told him I feal like going somewhere to get a drink, He told me that were gonna go and check out the ShuShu, (Hebrew slang for keeping something on the down low and not talking about it too much) that was located right near his house..

The Shushu Hit the spot that night, electronic music, nice people ….We were drunk as hell and after sharing some “strange” water with other people we really had fun.

But what was really nice about that night?

The entrance, the Shushu is located under the yogurt shop in Ben Yehoda street (nice :-)), right on the corner of Yirmiyahu street. Get in, take the door on the right and do your thing…It’s fun…Enjoy yourselves.


The White City Park, Great Sunset View on Tel-Aviv

When we were kids growing up, this park was a place to come and chill for hours, and now after all these years, Lucky, we had this birthday party picnic to remember what a great spot it is…

This park is a perfect day to hang out on whether you are bringing along a date and a bottle of white wine and also great for bringing along the kids with a Frisbee.

The Status that are built on the top of the Hill are beautiful and fun to climb on and the view on Tel-Aviv is perfect!

How to find this park?

Best and easiest way to get to the park is to take the exit from Ayalon freeway towards Yad-Eliyaho and just drive straight until you see the park in front of you. There are big parking spaces all around it.

Have Fun…


Great Saturday Party at the Container, Jaffa Port

Here in Tel-Aviv it seems that lately everyone is talking about the Container, a seafood restaurant located in the old Jaffa port and next to a vintage fish restaurant called “the fishermen’s restaurant”.

The first thing that hit me about the place is that it’s not another restaurant with a million dollar invested into the design, The feel of the place is that they took an old Yaffo Port Building and just built the restaurant in it, keeping all the authentic looks.

The Walls are filled with great Graphic work (and so is the toilet :-)) the tables and chairs…Simple and clean and the service and food are as good as they get. However, today I’m going to tell you more about the party that took place last Saturday.

Saturday Party @ the Container Restaurant

Started just before Sunset, the sound had an underground vibe to it, house music a little latin vibe the party seemed great but still a bit quiet.
After about an hour the sunset was over and the place filled up really good, the music stayed good all night and at one point the bar tables were moved out of the place to bring more room for the dancing crowd which was getting bigger by the moment 🙂

About 4-5 drinks later (and some ice cream that was given out) the atmosphere got even better, and by the time I left the place i knew that I will be back at the container again real soon 🙂

Check it out yourself…
The Container
Jaffa port, Hangar N.2