3 Minute Bike Ride on Tel-Aviv’s Boardwalk

The Boardwalk in Tel-Aviv, I must say, is a bit out of style, old lamps strange vintage stone and weird out of fashioned benches. At night, the area in front of Allenby Street and the Opera Tower smells “Strange” and has Homeless people sitting on the benches.

Now that we got all of that all the way, the place, during the day, has a Miami beach vibe! I just love it! So what if it needs to be renovated, if the tourists keep on coming, we will have a new Boardwalk in no time, and we are going to miss this one, that’s how we Israeli’s are 🙂

The Boardwalk Starts In Gordon beach, Passes through Frishman, Trumpeldor, Banana and Geola Beaches and End’s neer yaffo at Alma beach, this Summer I will give you the “complete guide for Tel-Aviv City beaches”, but until then, Here’s my bikeride from last Friday!

Sorry the video jump’s, told you the boardwalk is Wierd 🙂

Have a great Tel-Aviv Summer!

Sunny Friday at the Shine Cafe, Tel-Aviv

The shine cafe is located at 35 King Solomon (HaMelech Shlomo) St, and has always seemed to be a bit too “high class” for my Friday noon’s, But today, when a few friends of mine sat there, I joined them before hitting the beach, and I loved every moment of it!

The waitresses were very nice and the service was really good, but the thing i liked best about the shine was the location and design. The Shine is designed in a very comfortable way, with chairs on the outside, great bar on the inside and an amazing open to the street balcony.

The whole place had the sun shining on it and the people were mostly local that seem to go to the place regularly, (a thing I might start doing myself :-))

My friends had a great time drinking coffee and breakfast and then cold beers. One of my good friends met a nice looking girl, and after 2 hours at the place we were ready to hit the beach – Alma each.

To be continued…

Restaurants, Cafe’s and one great theater – Ha’arbaa Street, Tel-Aviv

“What the hell am I doing on this street again?” I asked my friend Yonatan, “Just…8 hours ago we were drunk taking a taxi home, and now I’m right here standing again!@@”

The Ha’arbaa Street is a small street that is located between-Gvirol and Karlibach Street, It has a few underground clubs in it’s area and is also very close to the Karlibach club area.
The A’arbaa Street itself is a short street that has parking lots on one side and tons of restaurants on the other side, these places are great both for Lunch in the middle of the day and Dinner before going out and hitting the town.

One of the best places that have been around for ages is Tpeo bar, A great example of a simple place with a stylish vibe that fits anytime of the day.

However, clubs, Restaurants and cafe’s are the only thing about this area, in the end of the street, (just as you can see in the video) there is the Cinematheque, that hosts the best movies and several film festivals throughout the year.

Cinematheque Tel Aviv is something that I highly recommend, look it up and make shore you get there about an hour before the movie, it has a great little zone around it that has a really strong TLV feel about it. Enjoy the movie!

Jabotinsky on the corner of Dizengoff, Tel-Aviv, Great Location on a warm day!

“Sometimes things are right under your nose, and you just can’t notice them”, that’s what I told myself when I was taking my coffee and Almond Korason at the Love-it Cafe at Jabotinsky Street.

I was working with my Computer on the tables outside and the cafe was packed with people of all shapes and sizes. The Summer is just starting but people are already tanned and smiling especially because it’s a holiday today, (Shavoot) and people are not working.

Right in front of us is the Famous Cafe Michal where me and my friend noticed a few Tel-Aviv Celebrities enjoyed their drinks as people walking Dizengoff street, were staring at them.

A few things to know about this spot are that:

  • It’s really close to the beach, so come early then hit it!
  • Great shopping on Dizengoff area right near it.
  • Cafe Michal right on the corner is a great spot to see some telaviv celebs (and rent’s bikes!)
  • If you want to explore more, just cross the road get on a number 5 taxi or bus and in 5 minutes you are somewhere else!