Tel Aviv park near Hilton Hotel

If you are staying at the Tel Aviv Hilton hotel then this you already know that the park right next to the hotel is a great spot to in, but while most of us don’t have the money for the fancy room, the park is still free of charge and is a great place.

Most people who live in the area use this park for walking their dog or reading a book, and even on the hottest days of July and August this view point still gets a bit of wind and great atmosphere.
The best way to get in the park is ether from Hilton beach, (A or B) or from the other side, from Yarkon Street on the corner of Arlozerov.

American Colony in Yaffo

The American colony in Jaffa is a place few tourists know about, I can even say, that few people that leave in Tel Aviv know about 🙂
Its located near Eilat Street (very central street) on a small street called the Auerbach street.

What’s amazing about taking the turn into the Auerbach street is that it’s so different from anything in that are, while most of that area is full of old broken houses and garages, the American Colony is just a magical place.

Its a mixture of old and new, and also a mix of antique buildings and architecture with super designed and wealthy architecture, the colony is very small and has a great feel about it.

Getting to the American Colony:

I suggest parking your car in one of the parking places around Eilat street, there is a really big parking spot when taking a turn from Eilat Street to Eliphlet Street. Then, make your way back to Eilat and Auerbach and check it out..

Rabin Square at the Center of Tel Aviv

[toggle title=”What is Rabin Square?”]Rabin Square was called Atarim Square before the famous prime minister Yizhak Rabin assassination on November 5th 1995, this square symbolizes Israel in Tel Aviv, in this square Israel had one of its darkest days, but, still we remember and keep Yizhak Rabin in our hearts and move on stronger.

The square is used for many happy celebrations of the city along with the Rabin remembrance day on the 5th of November.

Normal day at the Rabin Square..

Rabin Square is a great place to visit during the weekdays, the best thing I could recommend is to get some bird food and a bottle of Gold-star beer and chill out in the square for an hour, drinking your beer and feeding the many pigeons that in the square..

Another great thing to do if your already chilling out in the square is  getting yourself some shawarma from dabush which is located on Even Gvirol street on the corner of frishman street, cheep street food, tasty as hell!

Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv – Independence Day Street Party

Every person in TLV asks himself around Independence time ” What am I going to do tonight?” and not because Theres is nothing to do, on the contrary, there is too much to do 🙂

This year we just decided not to go to any house or closed party, we decided we are going to walk around and check out the street party all over the city.
The thing is, the first one was so good, that’s where we stayed.

The Neve Tzedek Street Party

This party is actually a few small parties connected into one great party, all coffee shops, restaurants and bars on Shabazi street (main street in Neve Tzedek) turn up their music and bring DJ’s.

As soon as we got into the Neve Tzedek area, we could see that there was a massive traffic of happy people to Shabazi street..

Walking inside those beautiful old streets of Neve Tzedek with all those half drunk people made us realize that we were on the right track for a great night, and 2 minutes after we started walking on Shabazi street, we were inside party number one!

After 2-3 drinks, we started walking on Shabazi once again, only this time we were half drunk our self so we were ready for the bigger party right in front of Suzanna restaurant.

After about 3 hours on that street, I decided I need a break so I took a walk to the Suzanne Dellal Center which I thought was empty and quiet, but when I got there, I saw that there was a headphone party.

[toggle title_open=”What is a headphone party?” title_closed=”What is a headphone party?” hide=”no” border=”no” style=”white”] A Headphones party is when a DJ is playing on a street or a park, but instead of blasting music in the street, the party organizers hand our great quality headphones and people just jump around in the street with headphones :-)[/toggle]

Here is the Headphone Party…

So, if you’re coming to Israel around April keep Independence day in mind, and remember to party in Neve Tzedek – Shabazi Street.