Soulico, Spreading Great Vibes (and music) in Tel-Aviv

Soulico formed around 2000, the four members of Soulico are DJs Sabbo, Rob, Shimmy Sonic and Wido. the group spins rocking beats that masterfully fuse hip hop, reggae and dancehall to Israeli folk and disco from the 1970’s.

This group was first an underground sensation, playing all over Tel-Aviv best underground clubs such as The Block and Barzilay. A handful of great mix-tapes and many parties later, Soulico was awarded Israel’s top DJ prize, driving their breakout radio hit and ringtone favorite “Lo Tzipiti”

Since 2004, soulico are on a tight schedule, representing Tel-Aviv city all over the globe with there live shows and handling  production for Israel’s biggest stars.

Their debut album, Exotic on the Speaker, is another Israeli Groove Masterpiece and when traveling to Tel-Aviv look up one of there live shows to really get the vibe going!


Zorik Cafe in Milano Square, Tel-Aviv North

Zorik cafe is very close to the northern end of telaviv and is in the heart of Milano square, a quiet spot that attracts a lot of young people, especially during the weekends.

The Zorik’s employees are usually great looking surfer chicks that brighten up your day, and the place just has a very comfortable feeling about it, recommended on Fridays and during the week,the afternoon hours are nice.

I want a home in Tel Aviv, preferably Dubnov Street!

[quote]Not only tourist want to buy a house here, I do too”[/quote]

Most tourists that already traveled to Tel Aviv think that the best homes to buy or rent are close to the ocean, and their right! BUT, what I’m about to show you is a real-estate dream of mine and its not even near the ocean.

Where to find Dubnov Street?

Dubnov is located behind the very busy and big. Even-Gvirol street that stretches across almost half of the city, the part I’m taking about is just around the incredibly beautiful Dubnov Park! (Very close to the corner of Zeitlin Street)

This street is amazingly quiet, even that its close to busy a street, and has the Dubnov park and all of Cultural Center’s very close by as well, Visit this street and park during the day, There is even a small Grocery store right next to the park to get something to eat and drink! Get a sandwich and walk around, I guarantee you will fall in love….

Yirmiyahu Street on the corner of Dizengoff

A really “packed” spot at the north of the city is where Yirmiyahu Street meets Dizengoff Street, Yirmiyahu itself is a great location with nice spots to go out to, mixed with places to eat.

The corner of these 2 streets connects a few places worth checking out:

  • Roza Bar – Small 2 floor bar with a “pickup” bar vibe to it
  • jeremaya – Across the road from the Rosa, Great Coffee shop with a crowd of great looking people.
  • Moving Cafe – A very stylish and cool Cafe place+DVD store

What’s cool about this location is that it’s happening at almost every hour of the day, it’s a great place to eat breakfast, drink a beer at noon and also good throughout 1-2 am… Check it out.